"Having recently started my own business, I very quickly found myself outside of my comfort zone. Stepping into the world of the unknown, and closing the door on everything I have lived and breathed for so long is somewhat daunting.


Whilst looking into business planning and strategy, I was recommended by a friend to look up My-Life. I attended a free consultation with Lizzie, which highlighted the areas I needed to be looking into building my confidence as a new business owner. 


Following my consultation, I purchased Package 1 ‘The Journey Begins’ which went into a little more detail and setting the foundations for my business.


What I really liked about MyLife is that the sessions are tailored to you individually and not just the cliché coaching that is read from a script.


Lizzie was very warm, welcoming and a great listener. I was left feeling confident and truly inspired and would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a little guidance and a helping hand, whether it be on a personal level or like myself more targeted towards business start-up".


Shaun S

"When I had my first session with Lizzie I think I pretty much cried for a full hour! Explaining things from the past and present, I knew I didn’t feel like myself and I found myself being angry or upset all the time. I’d go to the doctors for help but it never really gave me a purpose. I felt lost and cared about others more than I did myself, I felt lonely and lost. Lizzie on my first session picked out pieces in my life that was still effecting me and she put a plan together.


Second session was talking about feelings, when I may have feel upset or frustrated and the reasons why. We would talk about the negative thought on that emotion and the alternative thoughts. For example I felt 70% lonely worried I would be alone for ever but Lizzie made me realise I’m still young I have friends and family and the right time will come. She made me think in different ways because like she always told me is that IM IN CONTROL, and that people will have opinions but no one has walked in my shoes. After two sessions I started to feel some hope, confidence and happiness again. I mean I still have my days but I now know how to approach a situation.


As before I said I felt lost and wasn’t sure what I wanted to do for my future, me and lizzie did various mind maps of different paths to take in the near future, she’s given me that drive that I lacked before, she made me feel that if I want something I should just go for it because there’s nothing stopping me from being and achieving the person I want to be.


I honestly went from being this insecure, emotional woman who didn’t know what she wanted in life and it really got me down to now where I’m focused on my future plans, know how to handle bad days and just happy in general. I’m not 100% there but Lizzie has helped me like no other and I’ve had many sessions with counsellors and doctors but none of them have helped me the way Lizzie has and I can’t thank her enough!"

Tia P

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