Holding Hands

Surviving A Loss

Are you dealing with a grief and loss, whether it be a family pet, a relationship breaking down, loss of a person or loss of yourself?

Have you been affected by a loss and still struggling?

Do you have people around you who are still coming to terms with the loss?

The way grief affects you depends on a lot of circumstances, including the type of loss you have suffered, your upbringing, your beliefs or religion, your age, your relationships, your physical and mental health.

MYLIFE have created coaching sessions to help people dealing with grief in the following stages:

  • Release the emotions through talking, focusing on where you are in your grief and how it may affect you moving forward

  • What emotions you have and will be affected by and how you can deal with them in a healthy way without suppressing.

  • Adjusting to the new environment without the loss. Every crisis is teaching us how to re-mould and grow

  • How to reinvest in the new reality and keep growing in your new life.

Although grief is not something you may ever get over, MYLIFE will help you find peace with your grief, carry your loss in great memory and help you to focus on your future.

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