August 23, 2017

August 6, 2017

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Strength In Your Legacy

August 18, 2017

I heard some sad news last night that a colleague i used to work with passed away. I spent some time thinking about the memories I have of him and how he touched my life. 

He was a joyous man who would spread his love and laughter to all he would meet. He had such an amazing personality and would light up any room he walked into. Always game for a laugh but would not stand for bullshit. 

Death is one of those things that puts life into perspective and for me I find it quite frightening that in the blink of an eye we lose sight of what truly matters. 

People matter! building memories and connecting with people matter! Being there for one another and helping one another through our struggles and achievements matter! 

I welcome you all to take a moment and imagine this. The day comes that it's time to return home. When people come to your funeral, how would you like them to remember you?

For me it's how I inspired them to live whilst i was alive and long after I am gone. I want to leave people with good happy memories to continue their journey on earth with love, passion and fulfilment in all areas. Life is painful and is a struggle but with that pain we have strength and the ability to change and make a difference.

So to you my dearest John Love I want to thank you for leaving an imprint on my life and my heart. Every time I think of you I think of you with love and admiration. 


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