August 23, 2017

August 6, 2017

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Why choose MYLIFE for coaching?

August 1, 2017

When it comes to searching for a life coach it is really important that you choose the right coach for you.


A coach needs to be someone you can trust and feel comfortable with when opening up about your challenges and struggles; without fear of judgement. A coach should be someone you can trust, someone who will not agree with everything you say or tell you to continue as you are because you are doing fine.


Although I believe majority if not all of you are doing fine, the idea of you looking for a life coach suggests you are looking for guidance to grow in some form or another.  With that being said I believe the best way to achieve this is to be honest as a coach and that if it comes to their attention that you are holding yourself back from achieving or making an excuse which stops you achieving, then it should be something that is discussed and can be worked on to resolve. 


It is also really important that before you contact any life coach that you think about why it is you want a coach and possibly the following questions:


What do I expect from a life coach?


What do i expect to achieve from my sessions with a life coach? 


What am i willing to share with the life coach?


What am i willing to contribute?


These questions will reveal how serious you are about getting a life coach and how serious you will take the sessions. If your answers to the questions are you expecting the life coach to solve your problems, making sure you will never face another problem ever again, you are not willing to be completely honest and open. You are not committed to taking the necessary action with the tools and techniques provided then YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY. 


Although a life coach will provide you with the tools and techniques and guide you to achieving your goals, the commitment and action has to come from you!!


You are the one who will be responsible for seeing the goals turn into plans and putting the plans into action.


So why choose MYLIFE??? I cannot promise you anything, I cannot deliver the results for you, I cannot deliver the results without your commitment. I cannot guide you without you having the desire to want to achieve.


What i can do is bring my knowledge to the table and work with you to understand yourself and how your mind works; enabling you to achieve your desired results. I will be open, I will be honest and I will most definitely be committed. 







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