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I’ve spent the majority of my life encouraging and supporting friends, family and colleagues to overcome barriers and always helped people look on the brighter side of life. All the same, I have been gifted in life with amazing family and friends that have been there to support one another through my ups and downs. 


In 2014 I set out on my own personal journey to seek my true purpose and fulfilment. With determination I began to read a lot of self-help, inspirational and mind, body and soul books. I was also inspired and influenced by Tony Robbins, people on Ted Talks and began watching documentaries on people’s greatest achievements. I joined a Pilate’s class twice a week, started meditating every evening and spent a lot of time reflecting on the patterns of my life. I would study the skills I have obtained and made note of the reoccurring patterns in my past jobs, the things I enjoy or have enjoyed and what I am good at.


By 2015 my search grew with more depth and I noticed my life changing in a happy and positive way. As we all know just when things start to come together life throws a curve ball. In March 2015 I was confronted with my worst fear which after 9 weeks resulted in my family and I losing my mum to cancer. During this difficult time, family and friends came together to make sure I had the support I needed. With their help and support, I began to get into a routine and drew upon all of my strength and positivity to continue my quest.


From the experience of looking after my mum and facing such a great loss, I found I for the first time had a taste of how precious time really is and that we only get one shot; All though it was such a dark time, It was also a beautiful epiphany.  As I spent days conversing with my mum about things she could and wished she had done in life given more time, those moments gave me admiration and inspired me more to regain my focus and proceed with my journey as I promised her I would. 


After months of living life in a bubble, not really knowing how I had got to work, remember conversations I'd had or even how I got through one day to the next, I started to regain my focus; given I still have some “Struggle days” as I like to call them every now and then, I found a course that ignited a spark within me (Literally in the pit of my stomach) and after several days of research and making sure this was the right course for me, signed up and qualified as an NLP Practitioner. 


From here I made a commitment to fulfilling my dream of becoming as a full time coach and helping others not only believe in themselves but help them get back in control of their lives and achieve their desired results.  Alongside setting up my own Life Coach business, I have successfully secured a role within the current company I work for, coaching and embedding training. Because I am so passionate about helping others, I have now introduced wellbeing coaching into the workplace using the NLP and CBT qualifications I obtained and have made a significant difference in people’s lives and help increase the employee engagement, motivation and retention. 

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